A complete project-tracking platform

Whether you’re looking for more clarity about each project, a better way to communicate with your team, or keep your projects on schedule, do it all with the Path evaluation platform.

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Key Tracking Indicators

The Path platform keeps track of the most vital information to you, so we have a number of key indicators that help to add clarity to your projects.

Unlimited member access

Do you have a large team that needs access? Don’t worry, you won’t be charged for head count. Invite as many people as you’d like.

Unlimited data

Upload as much, and as often as you’d like. You never have to worry about the amount of data you’re using or have stored in each project. We like the word unlimited.

Roles and permissions

Invite people as admins to your account, or customize their permissions according to their roles.

Personal support

Contact our team at anytime, with any question, and we’ll personally respond with answers to your questions.

Interested in tracking the health of your projects?

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