Keeping projects on the right path

Path provides objective metrics that help you make better decisions, communicate with your team, and keep your projects on schedule.

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Bring Focus to Projects Under Stress

Increased attention can be applied early in the project to minimize losses and to help the project finish on time so valuable customer relationships are not damaged.

Increase Attention on Items that Impact the Bottom Line

Path provides a means, a process, and a common language whereby organizations establish a disciplined and routine project review. Reports are available to the project team, the executives, and to finance immediately upon upload. These reports serve as the basis to discuss key indicators, project challenges, profit projections, schedule milestones, and other similar topics. Not only is communication improved, but a common language of key indicators and disciplined review process brings focus to items that make a difference on your project’s bottom-line.

Increase Transparency to Owner/Architect Relationship

Standardized and objective reports that show the progress of key indicators and project trends provide transparency in OAC meetings and increase owner, architect, and contractor collaboration throughout the project.

Improve Man-Power and Equipment Loading Projections

Past project data generates and informs man-power loading trends and equipment planning.

Compare Key Indicators Across All Projects

Compare the trend of key indicators on one project to other projects (past or present). Project-to-project comparisons bring greater focus on projects that may miss deadlines or budget projections. Comparisons also highlight the impact of delays that were outside of the contractor's control.

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